Covid 19 Alert Level 3 – Site Control Plan

Now that the COVID-19 alert has been reduced to Level 3 effective from 28 April, we will be re-commencing all work. We wanted to take this opportunity to assure you that the health and safety of our Customers and staff is of utmost importance to us, which is why we have implemented a range of updated protocols and processes to minimize your risk in the workplace.

We must ensure all regulations and guidelines as detailed in the CHASNZ Covid-19 Residential Construction Protocols document are implemented and followed. We take it seriously to keep everyone safe on site.

Before arriving on site – a toolbox talk with a site safety plan will be completed and discussed with the staff and full details submitted on the Fergus system. All staff will ensure they have the correct PPE for the job site. We are going to be tracking every worker and visitor using a register and the Fergus app and in accordance with Level 3 regulations. Only go to site when you are scheduled.

Site entry – Signage with site operating instructions will be implemented at each site. When entering and exiting the site, everyone must sign in and sign out to ensure activity is tracked. This will be done by using the Fergus app and also fill out the details in the register. The worker has to wear the correct PPE for the job site.

Site operations – Maintain at least 2m physical distancing from the client or visitors, and at least 1m from any co-workers. Always stay in your work bubble. Wash your hands and sanitize all work areas before and after. Eliminate where possible face-to-face meetings. Do not share tools unless they are used in your “work bubble”. If tools are to be shared between trades they need to be disinfected before passing between people. Stay on site – workers bring your own lunch and water to site for the day. Keep the work site separate from other living areas.

Leaving site – Sanitize work area and tools before departure. Sign out using the Fergus app. Wash/sanitise your hands before leaving site. The last person leaving to clean all high touch areas: door handles, light switches, etc.

Emergency Management Protocols

Risk Identification: 

Should any worker or site visitor feel sick, become suspected of having contracted COVID-19, or become aware they have had contact with a suspected COVID-19 case, this must immediately be reported to the Manager, their contracting Company and the Ministry of Health.

The Manager must immediately: 

  1. notify Ministry of Health (Healthline Advice & Information line: 0800 358 5453).
  2. shut the site for minimum 3 days or longer as specified by Ministry of Health (unless confirmed not COVID-19) while investigation occurs.

 Contact Tracing:  

Contact tracing will be completed by Ministry of Health. 

To support Ministry of Health, the Manager will review records to identify all sites that the worker / visitor in question has accessed and compile a list of all people that may have been in the same home within a period of 4 weeks. The Manager must inform all those workers and their contracting companies that there could have been an exposure, whilst protecting the privacy of the individual where practicable. Workers who may have had contact to stay at home until case and contacts are confirmed or not in conjunction with Ministry of Health. 


Before the sites in question can be opened again a full sanitising clean should be completed.

Sites will not re-open unless specific approval received from Ministry of Health.