Luxurious Warmth

Undertile Heating

No more cold feet! Enjoy radiant heat with under tile heating!

To illustrate the merits of radiant heat think about when you are standing in the shade of a large building and it’s cold. You then step into the sun and instantly feel the glow of radiant heat. You can experience the same kind of heat with under tile heating. On those cold winter days your bathroom will feel cosy and inviting.  Plus it’s completely quiet and invisible. Don’t waste electricity and floor space with a fan heater. Enjoy radiant heat coming up from your feet. Not to mention; No more mouldy corners!


Electricity costs on average about 2.9 cents per unit. This means our 600watt element costs 17.5c per hour. Our controller automatically switches it on about 4am and off again at 9am. That’s 88c per day which works out at $27.30 per month. The average cost of an element installed before tiling is $850.  You can program your heater to switch on early in the morning and switch off again when no longer in use. Or leave the bathroom door open and feel the warmth in your bedroom and down the hallway.

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